Saudi Hostage Reaction

Hostage Paul Johnson
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Authorities both in Saudi Arabia and Washington say they can't confirm that an American has been beheaded.

A Saudi security official tells The Associated Press that the Saudis "have so far nothing on this."

A CIA spokesman says there's no immediate confirmation that Paul Johnson was beheaded.

The group that kidnapped Johnson last week posted a statement on the Internet saying it killed him, and showed pictures showing his beheaded body.

A State Department spokesman had said minutes before word spread
of Johnson's killing that the Saudis were doing everything possible to find the American.

Johnson family not talking

Paul Johnson's family isn't commenting about the news that he has been beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

A man standing outside the New Jersey townhouse where Johnson's
niece lives says the family doesn't want to talk with reporters.

The home had been decorated with yellow ribbons and signs urging
people to pray for Johnson's safe return.

An al-Qaida group that kidnapped Johnson last week says it beheaded him today, and posted pictures of his body on a Web site.

Johnson's family had been pleading for the group to release Johnson, saying he loved Saudi Arabia and respected Muslim culture. His son begged for Johnson to be allowed to come home for Father's Day.