Food Bank Harvest

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Volunteers showed up Saturday to help the wiregrass area food bank harvest snap beans for those in need.

More than 400 pounds of beans were expected to be brought in, but when volunteers set out to pick the field, a major problem became apparent.

Leslie Hall volunteered at the event said, "The good news is there are lots of blossoms which means a great harvest later on, but the drought slowed down the growth so there isn't a lot of beans on the plant."

In fact, few beans were on the plants that it took no longer than an hour for four acres of land to be combed over.

Food Bank workers say it's those who need the beans most that will suffer.

Julie Gonzalez with the Wiregrass area Food Bank said, "It's hard for seniors or low income families to pick produce its expensie and we pick the beans and send them to the food bank because it’s an important part of balanced and nutritious diet."

Although the harvest was small, volunteers were thankful for the opportunity to give back to the community.

The land is donated and maintained by Doctor Kennith Todd and his family. All he asks in return is that the Food Bank provides volunteers to pick the crop.

If you would like to donate to the Food Bank or would like to learn more about the next "bean pick," you can contact the Food Bank Monday through Friday at 794-9775.

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