Coffee County Man Struck by Lightning

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The National Weather Service estimates that you have a one in 400,000 chance of being hit by lightning.

A Coffee County man says his number came up and he's lucky to be alive.

Dana Savage says it's an experience he'll never forget. But actually, he remembers very little about being hit by the surge of electricity last Sunday.

Savage demonstrates how he was installing a ceiling fan at a friend's home and within an instant, a bolt of lightning struck the wood frame home sending an electrical charge through the structure.

Within a moment he felt extreme pain and heat before blacking-out.

Emergency responders were able to revive him before transporting him to an area hospital.

“I have had a headache since the incident. I don't have many headaches, but I’ve had one since Sunday. In addition, I have numbness and my joints are sore," Savage says.

The bolt of lightning fried the recently installed TV cable.

Scientists say lightning is four times hotter than the sun's surface. A lightning bolt can reach 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Savage doesn't know how close the bolt was to him, but he says it was way too close for comfort.

Anyone caught outdoors in a thunderstorm should bend into a crouching position until there is a break in the storm.

For more information on lightning, go to the National Lightning Safety Institute’s Website at

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