Dothan District 2 Up for Grabs

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It’s a battle between years of experience and a new opportunity. However, both candidates vying for the Dothan District 2 Seat say they are more than prepared to handle the area's challenges.

As owner of Summit Investments, Incumbent District 2 Commissioner Amos Newsome says he's used to hard work.

A retired lieutenant colonel he says he has more than 26 years of military experience, has run his business for nearly 40 years, once served as a councilman in Kinsey and is ready for what he considers a continuing challenge: battling to fix the frailties in his home front of District 2.

"The city of Dothan has a long way to go. My track record for what we've done and my commitment to the city is very clear and I think with my reelection some of these things will continue. I believe if I'm not reelected the direction which we are going might very well change. Certainly, I don't think the forcefulness to get this thing done in District 2 will be articulated," says the Incumbent Commissioner.

His opponent however thinks otherwise.

Married father of two Mike Smith plants some of his campaign signs in the ground and as his sign reads 'Go, Go, Go Elect Mike Smith’, he hopes voters will do just that.

He's even quit his job to dedicate his time to the campaign trail.

Smith says he's never been in politics, and has only served as campaign manager for a few elections, but says what sets him a part is his hearty, down-home attitude, and go-get it mentality.

"I feel like people should vote for me because I'm here for the community. I am willing, I'm able and I'm capable of making and bridging the gaps between the citizens and the peoples in the district," Smith said.

However, what may be even more obvious to voters is the candidate’s age difference.

Newsome is 74 and will turn 75, while Smith is 47. A difference the freshman candidate says is to his advantage.

"I'm young and I'm energetic. I feel like I can reach down and talk to a 20-year-old young man and an 80-year-old young man or young woman," Smith says.

"I bring a lot to the City of Dothan. A lot of that age has allowed me to bring. I think age has its place but I think at this place, age isn't retarding of my career," concludes Commissioner Newsome.

The more than 5000 registered voters will have the final say so however.

If you live in District 2, you may vote at either the Dothan Civic Center or the Wiregrass Recreation Center.

We’ll find out who the winners and losers of Districts 2, 4 and 6 are on July 10th.