Kiwanis Club Family Fourth Celebration

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Vendors from all over the country are converging in Dothan this week at the National Peanut Festival for the Dothan Kiwanis Club’s Family Fourth Celebration.

"Well, we found the Kiwanis event on the festival and events site on the internet,” said Mangostanna Bob's Concessions Owner Cindy Martin. “We're looking forward to the wonderful crowds; people have been so friendly and so helpful."

After months of dry harsh weather, the skies have recently opened up, which is great for the area, but what does it mean for the vendors and the show operators?

"The rain that we've gotten has freshened things up so we're expecting a good day tomorrow. [It] shouldn't be extremely hot so it should be a perfect day for a festival," said Kiwanis Coordinator Robyn Rainer.

It’s safe to say that a majority of the people will show up to see the largest firework shows of recent history in Dothan, but according to Event Coordinator Kerry Farrell, food and performances will draw quite a crowd. "With 12 bands, a car show, a bike show and everything else that's going on, there's plenty for the whole family to do all day long," he said.

Some local restrictions might keep people from having fireworks shows of their own, but thanks to the Kiwanis Club, they'll still be able to see some on the 4th.

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