Financial Assistance for Displaced Workers

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Wallace Community College offers rapid response services for displaced workers.

A Dothan man lost his job and found training at WCC.

Harrison Simms works in the shop learning Toyota air conditioner and break systems and how to diagnose problems as he works toward an automotive technology degree.

Simms lost his job of 12 years when the General Electric Plant closed a few years ago. He then decided to go back to school. Simms says he chose something he enjoys doing.

Through the Trade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act, federal funds are made available to assist displaced workers like Harrison.

Those funds can get you specialized training at Wallace so you can re-enter the workforce.

Pam Bowman with Wallace says, “There are people that started in the fall and are about to graduate; it is possible.”

Returning to school seems scary for adults, but 19 percent of Wallace’s current enrollment is over the age of 35.

In addition to automotive, Wallace offers licensed practical nursing, medical assisting, welding, office administration and computer programming.

Simms says he's glad he's gone back to school, which you can do the same and join him on the road to success.