Lightning Strike Probable Cause of Fire in Geneva

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Authorities say its' a miracle that no one was injured or even killed in a Geneva mobile home fire. Fire officials say lightning could have sparked the blaze.

Flames ravaged the three-bedroom mobile home off Highway 52.

Billy Franklin, along with adult children and his grandchildren were inside at the time.

Within moments, flames came from the floor; a time to grab the kids and get out with the clothes on your back.

Fire Victim Crystal Adams said, "[I] saw flames coming through the floor, and grabbed the kids. We then got out as quickly as possible."

Sunday night, a lightning bolt struck near the home. It caused the breaker-box to trip off several times before flames were seen.

Fire Victim Billy Franklin said, "One of the power breakers kept switching off, and within seconds flames came roaring in."

For two of the children, they were terrifying moments; not knowing what to do was the worst part.

Cpt. George Faa with the Geneva Fire Department said, "Besides the flames, the intense heat of the day was also tough in trying to battle the fire."

At this time, authorities are trying to determine the exact origin of the fire.

The family did not have insurance and they are left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

An account has been set up for the family at the Citizen's Bank in Geneva. It's in the name of Crystal Adams, P.O. Box 190, Geneva, Alabama, 36340.

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