The Dothan Police Department New High-tech Radar

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Speeding motorists will now have a little bit more to worry about in and around Dothan. The Dothan Police Department’s new vehicles come with a high-tech radar system.

"This way, every officer will have a radar in their patrol car. Once this process is complete, we [will] have one radar permanently installed in the car,” Sgt. Tim Ward said of the system.

The system, the Stalker DSR2X has a remote control to select what lane and direction to scan, which is much more efficient than the old point and scan radar guns.

"As any speeding motorist would know when you see the front of a police car, you should probably slow down. But the thing about the new Stalker radar system is for the Dothan Police cars it detects from the rear of the vehicle. So, no matter what direction the car is facing, you can still get a ticket,” Ward explained. "If a car is approaching the patrol vehicle from the rear at a high rate of speed, it will let an alarm off to let the officer know."

The best, or if you are a frequent speeder worst thing about the system is it only costs about $700 per unit, which is more than the old radar guns. And, seeing as it will probably pay for itself in tickets, it might be a good investment.