New Dothan High School Principal

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Monday is the first day of school for the new Dothan High School Principal Andrew Sewell.

Dothan's former principal's contract wasn't renewed, which left Dothan hunting for a new person for the position.

Principal Andrew Sewell walked into Dothan High School for the first time Monday.

He met with his assistant principals, put out some pictures in his office, and put his signature to some important papers.

“It's like going to college for the first time,” Sewell said. “I just wanna’ get to know my surroundings.”

Raised in Selma, Alabama, Sewell graduated from Troy University, and then taught and coached in Selma, Daleville, and then in Birmingham.

It’s the Birmingham experience he draws upon to form an opinion on consolidating Dothan and Northview High Schools.

Sewell says, "Being from Birmingham, I've had experience with this stuff. It's a new trend, but I'm sure it's been done with some research and with the best interest of the children in mind."

Recently, a judge ruled Dothan City Schools unitary, which is free of federal supervision after a desegregation lawsuit filed in the 70's.

So, Swell is the first new principal under unitary status, which allows the school board to have complete control over its functions. "It's a milestone,” he says. “I’m sure for Dothan, I'm sure the student learning still took place during the whole process."

And, student learning Sewell says is his number one priority as he enters Dothan High to take over the reigns.

The first day of school for Dothan High School students is August 9th.