Dothan Man Arrested for Murder

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A man is behind bars accused of murdering another man in Dothan. Police have been investigating the homicide since the incident happened on June 20.

Police found Richard Smith lying on the ground shot to death beside the railroad tracks. They quickly began the investigation to identify a suspect.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell said, "It's Important anytime we have a homicide to investigate and get it cleared up. The men and women have worked around the clock to get it solved."

On Saturday June 30 police had compiled enough evidence to charge Brandon Bell with murder. Police say it took a lot of man hours and hard work to identify the alleged murderer.

Dothan Police Department Investigator Doug Magill said, "It boiled down to good old police work. We beat the bush and talked with people one at a time."

And while police are relieved to have Bell in custody, they still have a lot of work to finish before trial.

"The detectives have pieced it together and it’s coming together, but it’s still going on until the prosecution," said Chief Powell.

Police attribute the arrest to witnesses and residents of the Wiregrass calling in with information.

Bell is charged with capital murder; however, police are still looking in to the possibility of other people being involved in the incident.

Dothan Police still need more details on this case to finish their investigation. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 793-7000.

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