Geneva County Manhunt Continues

A canine search team found the body of a white female as they looked for Phenico "Phenix" Hornsby.

Police say Hornsby is very elusive; he has been seen several times by area residents Friday.

In one case, a homeowner fired a shot at him but missed.

Hornsby broke into a home and reportedly ate several cans of food and took some clothing, but no one was hurt.

Thursday, he is accused of savagely attacking a woman with a pipe and then setting her home on fire.

She was able to escape with severe lacerations.

A search team found the unidentified body.

Authorities believe they know her identity and that she has been acquainted with Hornsby.

An investigative unit with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation was brought in to process the murder scene.

Sheriff Greg Ward went on to remind folks to make sure they don't leave their keys inside their vehicles. Also, to make sure they have their windows and doors well secure.

Besides Thursday’s attempted murder, Hornsby will now face murder charges.

If you see Hornsby, don't try to apprehend him yourself, but call police immediately.

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