Ozark Work Release Program

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Some people in Ozark are outraged at the possibility of a certain facility coming to the cities business district.

The Dale County Community Corrections Board has decided to turn a property in the Ozark business district into a facility for former inmates on a work release program.

"Certainly there has got to be a better place to locate a work release program, a community correction facility," said Ozark Mayor, Bob Bunting.

"The main concern by the business community and leaders in Ozark is that the residents in the house will be able to walk down these steps and face temptations by the banks and businesses in the area."

"Well, obviously operating a bank as well as having outdoor ATM's, there I have concerns about the element being in this location,” says Community Bank and Trust President Frank Garrett"

Some of the intense reaction to the location of the facility may be influenced by the lack of knowledge that it was even coming. City officials learned of the project as soon as Wednesday.

This may lead to a more adverse reaction, as Police Chief Tony Spivey says, “The other buildings of that purpose have been fine. The current community corrections holds their meetings on Painter Avenue, which is again in the downtown area and we've not had any calls or concerns for that."

The building hasn't been in use for around three years. Previously, it was a halfway home for boys. And, if some citizens of Ozark get their way the work release program will move to another location.

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