Federal Court Ruling Affects Local Students

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A Supreme Court ruling that race cannot be a factor in where kids go to school, could affect your child.

Thursday's ruling sets a precedent that if a similar question were brought up here, legally, the school system would most likely comply with the new ruling.

Across the nation some school systems have used race as the primary way to place students in schools as a way to mandate integration. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled that will no longer be tolerated.

Sharon Brown from the Pacific Legal Foundation said, "The court recognizes that using race is wrong. All students deserve equal education opportunities."

Locally, Dothan City School Representatives say the decision will not affect their efforts to create fair opportunities for all students.

Steven Stokes with the Dothan City School Board said, "This board is committed to being fair and understanding and the school system is one of diversity and we try to work with that."

Local organizations say the court ruling is concerning.

President of the Dothan NAACP Franklin Jones said, "Our biggest fear is about student placement and that what the courts are saying that desegregation isn’t legal. And, Dothan could assign students where to go."

Jones says Dothan City Schools Superintendent Sam Nichols has assured him and the NAACP that the school system will continue to integrate students to allow every student to have an equal education.

Right now, the Dothan City School System does not place students in schools based on race.

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