Camp Alaflo

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A local camp is making it possible for people with special needs to participate in outdoor activities.

Camp Alaflo is one of the only camps in the area to offer programs for people with handicaps.

Meet Cliff. This week he is getting the chance to live life like everybody else and camp out with his friends. Cliff has cerebral palsy and one time a year during Camp Alaflo's Summer Camp he learns and plays with other boys from around the Wiregrass.

Boy Scout Executive Randy Mayfield said, "These people learn like the others how to shoot a bow and arrow. Just to see the glow in their eyes when they accomplish some of it is worth it for me."

Camp counselors and instructors say the program offers a chance for people with special needs to prove to themselves they can achieve goals.

Troop 126 Scout Master William Meyer said, "Other than school they don't have anything to do and this lets them get out and meet other boys. They can get out and show what they can do and not what they can't."

Camp Counselor Stephen Spicer said, "We modify things but they are just as willing and more eager even to participate to do their best."

The campers with special needs say they enjoy everything about the camping experience.

Special Needs Camper Tony Walker said, "I like to do all kinds of things and I like to tie knots."

Another Special Needs Camper, Clifford Peterson said, "I love people so it gives me a chance to interact and meet the younger kids."

Also, Camp Alaflo's main road was just renovated to make it easier for campers with wheelchairs.

If you're interested in donating to the Boy Scouts Office to make it possible for more campers to attend or would like more information, contact a scout executive at 793-7882.

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