Experts Reduce Size of Drought Stricken Area in Southwest Alabama

UNDATED, Ala. (AP) - The National Drought Monitor has removed a section of southwest Alabama that had been covered by the second worse drought condition, called D-3 or extreme.

However, the area in north Alabama under the worse drought conditions was expanded. Drought specialists say almost 44-percent
of the state remains in the D-4 category or exceptional. That's a 1-percent increase from last week.

The monitor said about 29 percent of the state is classified as D-3 and about 73 percent remains in the worst categories. Last week that was about 90 percent.

All parts of Alabama still suffer from some category of drought. The driest areas are mostly in north Alabama, parts of east Mississippi, south Tennessee, and west Georgia.

The exceptional drought area is centered and growing in north Alabama - it remains the only exceptional drought area in the nation.

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