Fatal Dothan Car Accident

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Workers at a local business are mourning the loss of another employee.

Earlier this week a businessman at Panhandle Converter and Scrap Company was murdered.

Thursday, another employee was killed in a fatal car crash.

Early Thursday morning, Panhandle Converter and Scrap Company Employee Floyd Layow was headed to work to shampoo the carpets before a counseling meeting about Tuesday’s murder.

On his way, officials say a Ford Explorer crossed the center line and hit Layow's pick-up truck head on.

Sgt. Tim Ward said, “It's still under investigation. [We] can't say yes or no about charges; [we] must investigate it before we go that far.”

PC and S employees had come to work Thursday to seek counseling for the murder that killed their boss and co-worker early Tuesday.

But instead, they were greeted with the terrible news of Thursday morning's fatal accident.

Business Owner Joe Donovan says, “We're devastated [and are] still in a state of shock.”

Layow was the road captain of the local Christian Motorcycle Association and he ministered local jail inmates.

Layow was Donovan's friend and his daughter's adopted grandfather.

Now, Donovan and employees are mourning two losses, but are still looking for 37-year-old Perry Griffin's killer.

Donovan says, “He's got to be brought to justice. It is 100 percent inhumane and we've got to get them in custody.”

Now, workers at PC and S will be burying two co-workers who will be sadly missed.

Dothan Police are investigating Thursday morning's fatal car crash.

Police say it appears fatigue played a role in the accident, but it remains under investigation.

There is a $17,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the two people responsible for Tuesday’s murder.

If you have any information, call 793-7000.

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