Landscaping Businesses Brace for Worst Drought

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It's bad enough that area residents can only water on certain days. The current water restrictions are making it difficult to do much landscaping, but some nursery's here in the wiregrass aren't too worried about their businesses taking a hit.

"Summer is always going to be your slow time of the year for a nursery. And whenever there's a drought like this it's going to be even worst... and you just have to adjust to make it work," said Rhonda Hodges, who works at PC Nursery & Landscape in Dothan.

Along with a wide variety of plants they also offer another kind of landscaping that needs no water at all; landscaping that consists of concrete statues.

"They're going to buy concrete where they wouldn't want to buy a tree. If they want to put a tree somewhere in the fall, they may want to put a piece of concrete in that area," said Hodges.

But this year's drought conditions are keeping some people from doing any kind of planting because of the hassle involved with the current water restrictions. For those who stick with it, investing in irrigation is quickly becoming the only way to keep up a good looking yard.

"People that normally would not are investing a lot of money in sprinkler systems because it's the only way to go... it's the only way to keep your plants alive if you're going to have them," said Hodges.

But in the end, even though plant sales may slow down a bit during the summer season, those who love landscaping will do whatever it takes to have the plants they want.

Landscapers also say that by lessening the amount of water you give a plant, little by little, it can get accustomed to surviving with less water.

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