Local Businessman Honored

Wallace Community College is honoring a local businessman who has had a tremendous impact on the city of Dothan.

They named an auditorium on campus after Hugh Wheeles, Jr. The auditorium located inside Rane Hall, was dedicated during a ceremony earlier Wednesday.

Wheeles was instrumental in the development of the Robert Trent Jones golf trail, the Highlands Housing community, and other apartment and townhouse complexes.

He also served as co-chairman of the Wallace Community College campaign for excellence, during which time he says the college has really raised the bar.

"I think we did that... during the campaign we changed the logo and I think we changed the image. The college has certainly moved up in the eyes of most of the people in this community, and I think the foundation and this campaign had a lot to do with that," said Wheelless.

The campaign for excellence raised more than 4-million dollars that will be used to improve existing and implement new educational programs at Wallace.

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