Enterprise School Rezoning

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Letters went out to 64-parents of children attending Enterprise Junior High School. At the start of the new school year in August, those eighth and ninth graders will be rezoned to Dauphin Junior High School.

District officials say its the only way to alleviate a sever overcrowding situation at Enterprise Junior High.

This fall, six new classrooms were built at Dauphin Junior High School is expected to alleviate overcrowding there.

Due to the rapid population growth in Enterprise, some 64 Enterprise junior students will be rezoned to Dauphin this school year.

Administrative Assistant Bob Tomberlin said, "Everything inside the circle will go to Enterprise Junior High and the rezoned areas will bring in 63, 64 students to be rezoned to Dauphin."

Superintendent Dr. Jim Reese says the action has nothing to do with the tornado damage from March 1st.

The rezone is necessary since there's no space for additional classrooms at Enterprise Junior High.

"It'll be difficult especially for the kids who went to Enterprise Junior last year,” Reese said. “But, we will work to make the transition easier."

All the kids who live west of the Boll Weevil Circle between Highways 134 and 167 North will be rezoned to Dauphin.

Principal of Dauphin Junior High School, Dr. Aaron Milner said, “As principal, my staff will make these new students feel like it's home and we'll work with them to make it their new home."

Officials expect the rezone to go smoothly.

If a student is scheduled to be rezoned to Dauphin Junior High, Principal Aaron Milner, or his staff will call the parent.