City of Troy Makes Big Plans for Retail Business

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A drive through Troy on Highway 231 will take you on a path through a business community with a solid rate of growth and a community that supports its businesses.

However, relying on demographics alone hasn't provided the city of Troy with more of the retail businesses they desire.

So, the mayor and city council are looking to change that.

"When I went to a retail conference recently I saw some things they had done for Gadsden, Alabama," Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford says. “I saw some things they had done for Jemison, Alabama, and some other areas that had used their services and been successful.”

The consultants the mayor is speaking of, the Buxton Company, takes data from a city much more comprehensive than population size. It uses it to analyze what exactly the purchasing power of a city is, providing Troy with data critical to new businesses.

"They are looking at the buying power or the buying patterns if you will are in each community and if it gives them the opportunity to be successful," continues Lunsford. “One problem for the city of Troy is competition, not just for businesses but for the people who will shop there who currently may travel to other parts of the state to do their shopping.”

"We want to show where our people currently are shopping, whether they are going to Dothan or Montgomery or out of our area for shops. Hopefully we can get some of those shops to locate here and keep those people home," concludes Mayor Lunsford.

The consultant from the Buxton Company said the charge is around $60,000 dollars for the city of Troy to get the analysis they need, which is something the mayor and the city council think just might be worth it.

The city council will vote whether or not to hire the Buxton firm at its next meeting on June 28th.

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