Family Remembers Sergeant William Edward Brown

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An Enterprise family is mourning the loss of their loved one who died fighting in the War on Terrorism.

Sergeant William Edward Brown died on June 23rd in Taji, Iraq from indirect fire.

Rachel Brown points at pictures from her wedding day and her high school prom.

Now, Rachel has to go on without her high school sweetheart who was killed in Iraq by a mortar round.

Rachel said, “He was a prankster who would make people laugh. He played jokes; [was] considerate [and] kind. Hundreds of people [are] coming to see him, so [it] makes me glad to know [everyone] liked him.”

Sergeant Brown was a Blackhawk crew chief.

The day he died he was maintaining a helicopter on the flightline.

Army officials say Sergeant Brown pushed another soldier out of the way when the mortar hit and he took the fatal blow.

Sergeant Brown's mother says she couldn't think of her son doing anything else. “It makes me even more proud if I could be,” she said.

Sergeant Brown's youngest son Tyler carries a picture of his dad around with him.

The oldest son, Ethan plays with a toy gun practicing his shooting. He has a pretty good aim; like father like son.

Sergeant Brown's mother adds, “William loved the Army and he died doing what he loved.”

Now, Rachel holds pictures of her husband close to her heart as she prepares to bury her only love.

Sergeant Brown was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment out of Ft. Carson, Colorado.

His funeral arrangements are being finalized at this time.