Dothan Crime Rate

After seeing the murder this morning following others in the past weeks, it might seem that the number of recent violent crimes in and around Dothan has increased.

Police are trying to discern from a video who exactly murdered and robbed 37 year old Perry Griffin the manager of Panhandle Converters And Scrap Company early this morning.

This murder comes as the 5th since January in Dothan and that is counting a traffic related homicide. Once you look at a list compiled by the Dothan Police Department the number of murders this summer is not too different from those in the past.

The heat in the summertime may play a role in the increase in violent crimes from 1997 until today there have been 60 homicides and murders in Dothan, of those 37 came in the months between April and August.

"It's not unusual for the number of homicides we've experienced here recently we do see a spike in the warmer months than you do obviously in the cooler times of the year."

The most disturbing thing about Tuesday’s murder is the appearance that the crime had been pre-meditated looking to make a profit apparently the first crime of its type this year.

Police ask that anyone who has any information on today’s murder to call Crimestoppers at 793-7000.

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