Dothan Watering Busts

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With Dothan’s wells pumping beyond their capacity, the city issued an odd-even watering system. Many haven't followed it, and now they're about to pay.

For months, city manager Mike West has been asking residents not to water their yards when they're not supposed to. This time you won't be asked. You'll be written up and could possibly face getting your water turned off.

The plan is a water conservation measure put into place by city officials. Since implementation Monday, 33 citations have been handed out.

After the warning, the second time an offender is caught, they're water is shut off and it'll cost $100 to be reconnected.

Dothan City Manager Mike West "What we're having are repeat violators. And we're seeing there are a few people in our community not paying attention or heeding those watering restrictions and we like to take it to the next level."

The next level after being caught a third time is a $500 reconnecting fee, a fourth time, a $1000 reconnection fee.

The city's wells are pumping more than 20 million gallons a day.

When a person waters their yards when they're not supposed to, it doesn't give the well time to recharge.

The city will be building 2 additional wells by January.

As far as other alternative water sources, they're looking towards building a reservoir or directly withdrawing from the Choctawhatchee or Chattahoochee rivers.

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