Feds Order U.S Importer to Recall Chinese-made Tires

NEWARK, New Jersey (AP) - U.S safety officials have ordered a New Jersey tire importer to recall as many as 450,000 tires that it bought from a Chinese manufacturer and sold to U.S distributors.

Foreign Ties Sales of Union, New Jersey says the tires were sold to six distributors.

The company says an unknown number of the light truck radials it imported since 2002 from China could suffer tread separation.

The company says an unknown number of the tires it sold were made without a safety feature, called a gum strip, which helps bind the belts of a tire to each other.

According to the company, the tires at issue were sold under at least four brand names:

- Westlake, Compass, Telluride and YKS, in these sizes: LT235/75R-15; LT225/75R-16; LT235/85R-16; LT245/75R-16; LT265/75R-16; and LT3X10.5-15.

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