Geneva County Meth Arrests

A recently approved state law now requires retailers to notify police when someone buys a large amount of certain substances.

And now an area Wal-Mart employee is credited with helping police arrest a Geneva couple on drug charges.

Geneva Wal-Mart Store Assistant Manager Chad Thrash says local police recently put on a meth seminar for store employees. Authorities say the purchase of large quantities of items like acetone, lye and even distilled water could be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

On Saturday, a Wal-Mart employee called police after a man and woman made such a purchase. The clerk also got a description of the suspect's vehicle.

Sheriff's deputies arrested a Geneva County couple, Danny and Dorcus Lynn Myers are charged with the manufacture of meth. They are each jailed under $25,000 bonds.

Wal-Mart officials say profit is not the only "bottom line". Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward says those businesses which don't report such purchases could be criminally charged under current state law.