Ashford Road Traffic Jam

A one way road is causing a bad traffic jam for Ashford Elementary Students and city officials say they want Houston County’s help.

Leaders say the one way road causes traffic jams and is potentially dangerous to parents and their children.

A trucking company uses Industrial Park Road to load and unload materials, while parents use it to pick up and drop off their kids.

Ashford authorities and Houston County school officials hope the county will help gravel and pave portions of the road to make it wider.

Houston County School's Supt. Tim Pitchford said, “I have parents and community leaders calling almost weekly about a serious safety issue there.”

The county tabled the issue for two weeks citing policy discrepancies.

Industrial Park Road doesn't belong to the school system.

The town of Columbia also requested gravel and received it. Houston County Commission Chair Mark Culver says that's because the gravel was used for the public's boating ramp.

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