Early County Education Tax

Penny Tax

It's one way to support education in Georgia. Early County's one-cent sales tax has been in place for five years.

And in Tuesday's Primary election, Georgians voted to extend the tax for another five years.

The one-cent sales tax will greatly benefit students in the Early County School System.

The money generated from the countywide tax will be used to buy additional computers, build a new gym at the high school, modernize the cafeteria and renovate an agricultural science lab.

Twelve new classrooms will be added to Early County Elementary and the roof will be replaced on the old middle school gym.

School administrators said the sales tax promotes economic growth for the region and said the sales tax is used only for education-related building projects, and is used in addition to property taxes and lottery money.

Early County residents won't have to vote on the sales tax again for another five years.