Canadian Lottery Scam

Someone is telephoning people in the Wiregrass area and telling them they've won the Canadian Lottery.

But before the winner can claim their prize, they have to wire enough money to the caller to cover the taxes.

Police said the scheme cost one victim $25,000. Another lost $9,000.

Authorities on both sides of the Canadian border are working the case, but anyone who receives a suspicious call should contact Dothan police as soon as possible. Extended Web Coverage

Tips to Protect You From the Scammers

  • Never pay money up front.

  • Legitimate companies have little reason to require money ahead of time and in the case of loans, it is illegal for telemarketers to ask for fees in advance.

  • Do not provide bank account, credit card, and social security numbers or any other personal information unless you are sure the company is legitimate and the information is necessary for the transaction.

  • Even with partial information, con artists can make unauthorized charges, deduct money from your account, and impersonate you to get credit in your name.

  • Get all offers in writing and do not let yourself be rushed into any decisions.

  • High-pressure sales tactics often indicate potential fraud. A good deal today should still be a good deal tomorrow.

Source: ( Link Alarm Website)