Dry Conditions, But Good Produce

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Even though so far it's been one of the driest seasons on record, business is booming for those who sell produce at the Farmer's Market in Houston County.

Despite the drought, they're produce is looking good thanks to irrigation.

David Bell of Bell Farms is selling watermelons, cantaloupe, tomatoes, peppers and peas at the Farmer’s Market at the Houston County Farm Center.

He irrigates all his produce, and says this is a great looking crop despite recent dry conditions.

Bell says, “Nothing is better than rain, but when you can control the water they get there's nothing better.”

Every farmer at the market irrigates like Bell.

If you look at the watermelons Charles McGriff of Gordon grew, you’ll see they're big, plump and dark green, thanks to the drip system he uses.

McGriff says this year has been strenuous, “If we didn't have water we wouldn't have any watermelons.”

Joyce Owens of Jackson County farms 180 acres of produce in Florida.

Her fruits and vegetables turned out good, but she wasn't able to plant as many as last year.

Owens says, “This hasn't been as good. Some didn't plant because we couldn't irrigate all of them.”

Irrigation has allowed farmers to control the water and grow good fruits, but without irrigation the crop would be a total loss.

Here is a reminder: the Dale County Farmer's Market is changing its times and location. It will now be held on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:30PM and Saturday from 8AM to noon.

It will also be moving locations to the parking lot across from the Ozark Municipal Complex.

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