Dothan Man Found Dead Next to Railroad Track

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Wednesday morning, a man's body was found lying face down on Stough Street in Dothan with a gunshot wound to his back.

People living in that area say they are now afraid for their own lives.

CSX railroad workers were walking their normal route Wednesday morning to make sure the tracks were okay, when they came upon a man lying face down and dead.

Police say Richard Smith Junior had been shot.

Now, Dothan residents say they're shocked.

"I think that it's bad. All this crime and killing is going on in our neighborhoods. It really makes me feel unsafe especially for our kids and elderly people in the community. I wish there was something they could do to control this," says Dothan Resident Wade McLoud.

Police don't know when the victim was killed, who killed him, or if even if he was killed in the spot he was found or had been placed there.

Right now, they're investigating why Smith is a victim.

"I wish it would stop. They need to arrest them and lock them up for a while,” says area resident Charles Jackson.

Smith was 39-years-old.

Police Chief John Powell says he wouldn't consider this as part of a rash of crimes.

This is the third murder in a week and a half. He says there seems to be a pattern.

During the past six months, it’s been relatively quiet, but during the summer, crime picks up. He attributes the hike to high heat and hot tempers.

If you have information about this case, you are asked to call Dothan Police at 615-3000 or Crime Stoppers at 793-7000.

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