80s Pop Star Belinda Carlisle Returns With New Album

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Belinda Carlisle is back.

The former lead singer of The Go-Go’s released a new song and also has a new album coming out with some of her classic hits.

Fans remember Belinda Carlisle for her upbeat, 80’s tunes.

Now the pop star is back, with a new single called "Sun."

Her upcoming album, “Icon,” revisits some of the hits that catapulted Carlisle to pop stardom.

Back in the 1980's she changed music forever as the lead singer of The Go-Go’s.

Says Carlisle, “I think the Go-Go’s are more about being moments for people, than the actual songs. It was an era.”

The Go-Go’s became the first all-female band to ever hit number one on the charts writing and performing their own songs.

But it's been 17 years since U.S. audiences have heard from Carlisle.

“I work all the time,” Carlisle explains, “A lot of it is under the radar. I have been living in France for 20 years.

Carlisle released a solo album in France in 2007, but moved back here to Los Angeles in December to re-launch her American career.

Carlisle’s previous solo hits allowed her the freedom to semi-retire. She says she’s been sober for the past eight years, winning a long battle with drugs, and is ready for the spotlight again.

“I find more clarity with everything.” Carlisle says, “I am doing things I never thought I would do nine years ago.”

She also has a new sound.

“My voice is much more mature now. I think I am a better singer absolutely. My vocal tones are still the same.”

Carlisle is reuniting with The Go-Go’s this summer, for a U.S. tour.

Carlisle’s new album with some of her classic hits will be released next Tuesday, March 19th.

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