Tuition at Alabama Two Year Colleges Unchanged for Fourth Year

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Students returning to school at Alabama's two-year colleges this fall won't be faced with rising tuition rates.

Two-year chancellor Bradley Byrne announced Tuesday that the system's tuition and fees will remain unchanged for the fourth straight year thanks to "generous" funding from the Legislature.

Byrne pointed out that average tuition at the state's four-year schools are about 51 percent higher than two-year colleges.

Byrne said system officials didn't think it would be appropriate to increase rates after it received nearly 14 percent more in funding than was received for the current year.

Emma Stubblefield, a 21-year-old student at Northeast Alabama Community College in Rainsville, said she'll take lower tuition and fees any day. She said the announcement was "really great news" that will "help out a lot of people."

Byrne said they also decided against an increase because Alabama's two-year college tuition rates are higher than those in neighboring states.

Alabama's two-year annual average is $2,735 dollars while the national average is $1,847.

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