Home Invasion Robbery

A man is recovering after being held up in his own home.

Police responded to the call at Marvin Lewis Village in Dothan. They found 87-year-old resident Henry Morgan, who stated he had been threatened at gun point to hand over his wallet.

Morris told News 4 that he was in his kitchen pouring a glass of water when a man came into his home uninvited and held a gun to him and demanded money.

Morris tried to explain that he had no money in the home, but the robber snatched Morris' wallet and fled.

Paramedics responded to check Morris for injuries and say he has no serious injuries.

Morris just had surgery last week to work on his pacemaker and says the incident has left him shaken up and sore.

Morris says next time an incident like this happens he will be better prepared. “I'll try to defend myself,” he says. “If I had a handgun he wouldn't have made it out the door. He kept looking back with that gun, looking back.”

Police have arrested 33-year-old Willie Roy McCree. He is charged with burglary, first degree.

Bond in the case has been set at $20,000.