Crackdown on Water Restrictions

Dothan residents who have been repeatedly violated the city's water conservation plan won't be able to much longer, because their water will soon be shut off.

The first offense for violating the odd/even watering schedule will be a warning, but the change will come on the second offense.

At that point water service will be discontinued and in order to restore it you must pay a $100 reconnect fee.

On the third offense there will be no option to reconnect, until the city is no longer under restrictions.

Dothan City Manager Mike West said, "When we started seeing that we had repeat offenders over and over again some of them have been issued basically three warnings but effective next Monday we're going to take the next step in enforcement, cutting off water."

City leaders say they won't take action on any warnings before June 25th, so starting Monday everyone has a clean slate.

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