Dothan Electric Car

A local man is trading in his gasoline-fueled car for an electric one.

James Durden was tired of paying more than $3 dollars a gallon for gas. So, when a 2006 pink Zapcar showed up at Deanco Auction, he shelled out over $2300 dollars for the ride.

It's like a golf cart with a power button, a forward, reverse and neutral switch and it's silent.

Durden says the car gives him, “No problems [and I} enjoy driving it. Naturally, it saves me gas money.”

It uses no gas, it costs 47 cents to charge the car and each charge lasts 20 to 30 miles. Also, it's charged by a regular extension cord that plugs into the car just like you're filling it up with gas.

The car takes 6 to 8 hours to charge, but newer versions charge in less than 30 minutes and they draw a lot of attention.

Durden says, “I can't tell you how many people have stopped to ask me about the car and the number of people who take pictures of the car with their cell phones and send it to their friends.”

The car is registered as a motorcycle, but it has all the car features like headlights, turn signals, radio, and heater. In addition, a voltage gauges to let you know when you're getting low on electricity. But you can't be in a hurry, because the car only goes about 40 to 45 miles an hour.

“[The] unusual part; people cling to the car and want to look at it. [It] has its pros and cons; it’s small, but safe, [and] economically are great,” said Donnie Dean of DeanCo Auction.

It's great for James who turned his other keys in for an electric car, which means more money in his pockets.

A new electric car costs about $10,000. The nearest electric car dealership is in Destin, Florida.

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