Coffee County Auto Theft

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It was a busy weekend for officers in one Wiregrass county. Authorities had five cases of auto theft in Coffee County.

Authorities say the cases all appear to be isolated incidents and what's more; they all could have been prevented.

Coffee County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Ronnie Whitworth shows where a trailer rig was left after overturned north of Elba. It contains artist prints stolen from a business in Panama City, which is one instance in which cars trucks and trailers were stolen.

Whitworth said, "It was several cases. In one instance a vehicle wound up in a ditch. It’s hard to explain what was going on within such a short period."

Janie Taylor says she's learned to always lock-up the vehicle when parking, but one just never knows. "I always lock it,” she says. “You can't leave it, it can be stolen."

Coffee County authorities are working with law enforcement in Pike County in regard to two of the stolen vehicles at this time.

It appears the number of vehicle thefts increases during the summer months, so beware out there.

Sheriff’s officials in both Coffee and Pike counties are working together to make future arrests of those responsible for the stolen vehicles.

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