Eric Rudolph

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Prosecutors are opposing Eric Rudolph's bid to postpone his trial in a 1998 abortion clinic bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.

They say potential witnesses already have died and more delays would hurt the case.

Prosecutors argue the trial should begin as scheduled on August second and contend postponing it could hamper their ability to present evidence.

The government made its argument in a motion filed late Friday before the holiday.

Defense attorneys had no immediate response today. But they have argued they need more time to review the massive amount of evidence compiled by the government.

The government says its evidence has been available to the defense for eleven months, and no more delays are needed.

Rudolph was captured a year ago in Murphy, North Carolina, after a five-and-a-half-year manhunt. He is accused of setting off a bomb that killed a police officer and critically injured a nurse outside the Birmingham abortion clinic on Jan. 29, 1998.

Rudolph also is accused of planting the bomb that detonated at Atlanta's Olympic park in 1996, killing a woman, and of setting off bombs in the Atlanta area in 1997.