Alabama Sales Tax Holiday Briefing

A series of meetings are scheduled throughout the state to help businesses better understand the sales tax holiday.

Any business in the surrounding area that sells clothing, school supplies, books, or computers and computer equipment would benefit from the information shared at this one-hour seminar.

A representative of the Alabama Department of Revenue will explain the regulations that will apply during this three-day sales tax holiday.

The state’s second observance of the sales tax holiday in Alabama begins Friday, August 3, and ends at midnight Sunday, August 5th.

The Ozark Chamber of Commerce is the host for the meeting scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 21st at the Dale County Government Building at 202 Alabama 123 Souths in Ozark.

This is the only meeting scheduled for Barbour, Henry, Houston, Geneva, Coffee and Pike counties.

Seating is limited, so anyone planning to attend should call the Ozark Chamber 774-9321.

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