Police Arrest Suspect in McRae Homes Complex Shooting

The Dothan Police department ended a manhunt after Wednesday’s shootings that left two injured. One of the victims was pregnant.

Around 6 o'clock Wednesday night, police say 2 men began firing at each other from opposite ends of the apartment complex at McRae Homes.

Three people were injured, a pregnant female was shot in her leg and another woman, shot in the foot and a man suffered a cut to his head.

Around 3-o’clock Friday afternoon 18-year-old Gaylon Jerome Parks turned him self in to authorities.

Parks is charged with two counts of assault first degree with a $250,000 two hundred 50 bond on each charge.

If you have any additional information you may contact the Dothan police department at 615-3000 or Crimestoppers at 793- 7000.