Opp Police Investigate Domestic Violence Murder-Suicide

Opp residents are trying to make sense of a tragedy in which authorities describe as a murder-suicide.

Opp Police went to check on the couple at the request of their son.

When police arrived they found David and Helon Edgar fatally shot inside the bedroom of their Wyatt Street home.

Authorities say 62-year-old David Edgar first shot his wife, 71-year-old Helon Edgar with a 12-gauge shotgun and he turned the weapon on himself.

Authorities say it's a tragic case of domestic violence.

Assistant Chief Mike McDonald said, "All you have to do is turn on your TV’s, or read your newspapers. Domestic violence has become a national epidemic and it leads to someone getting hurt, or getting killed."

One family member of the victims tells News 4 that David Edgar had been suffering from several health issues over recent years, which may have contributed to the murder suicide.