Slocomb Tomato Fest

The dry weather has taken a toll on many Wiregrass crops this year, but the Slocomb tomato crop is above average.

Aplin farms in Slocomb have been growing vine ripe tomatoes for 50 years.

These are the driest conditions they've ever seen, but their tomatoes are plump, red and ripe.

That's because they've been able to control the water through irrigation.

The lack of rain has also reduced the chance of disease because of low humidity.

But growers have been having a problem with blossom end rot where some tomatoes turn black from lack of calcium.

Geneva Co. Extension Agent Mary Baltikauski says, “This doesn't mean anything for the consumer but it means less yield for the grower.”

You can buy ripe Slocomb tomatoes and support our local farmers at the Slocomb tomato festival this weekend in Slocomb, Alabama.

There'll be tomatoes, crafts, and music.