Enterprise Woman Discovers Anti-Freeze Toothpaste in Closet

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Tubes of counterfeit toothpaste have been recalled because they contain chemicals used to make anti-freeze.

The product was being sold in four states, but has made its way to the Wiregrass after a victim found it in her closet.

After hearing about it on television, Enterprise Resident Sophia Covington walked to her pantry to discover she received two tubes of anti-freeze contaminated toothpaste. "To have something like that in your house and to know you have small kids. It's very worrying, it's very worrying," she says.

Sophia received the counterfeit Colgate brand shortly after Enterprise’s March 1st tornado.

She, along with displaced residents lined up to get tubes of toothpaste, food, and other hygiene products. "It's not being harmful; nobody's trying to harm you. It was just an effort to help, but you really need to check your medicine cabinets and your closets to make sure you don't have this in your house," she added.

The product was being sold in discount stores in the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

An FDA official determined the toothpaste contained dangerous chemicals.

Covington says the most notable differences between the fake and real stuff is the box. The real Colgate brand box is smaller and also has the American Dental Association's seal of approval.

Aside, from that, it also has what's been widely reported as a sure sign between real or faux. The words, 'Made in South Africa', Colgate doesn't make toothpaste out of Africa.

"I just feel like my house, my whole family is really blessed we have not brushed our teeth with that toothpaste," Covington concludes.

Sophia says she's contacted her insurance agency and the Colgate-Palmolive brand. She plans to send them the counterfeit boxes. So far, no one has reported being sick.