Child Bitten by Snake in Troy

One family in Troy is breathing a sigh of relief as their 7-year-old returns home after being bitten by a venomous snake.

It’s something a lot of us could admit to; spending a day in the summer down at the creek with friends. However, for 7-year-old Mary Lacy Lusk that fun time turned into a life-threatening situation. "My sister, she pushed me in playing and I hit the log and something just came out and bit me," she said.

During the hot summer months the creek can be a fun place for children to play, as long as it is done safely. The thing that made this situation a lot better than it could have been was the children were in a group.

Zach Cameron, who went down to the creek with Lusk and her sister, was able to get to Mary Lacy and carry her nearly a mile on his shoulders to her house as her sister called her mother.

Cliff Lusk, the victim’s father said, "Actually, I credit him with saving her life. He helped get the ML out; basically just picked her up and carried her when they got out of the thick part."

Zach’s decision to carry Mary Lacy was a good one; the increased blood flow from running might have spread the venom faster.

Dr. Mark Griffin, a snake specialist said, “It’s important to decrease the physical activity. In getting there, somebody can carry you, be driven; that's important. The fact that someone was there and immediately called 911, got EMS on the scene, that's important."

Even after all of this, Mary Lacy’s largest concern was her upcoming dance competition, something that just might be possible thanks to a helping hand, and fast action from a group of kids their parents call "The Pine Street Gang".

Doctors believe the snake was a copperhead, a species found almost exclusively near water.