Latino Radio Station

Surf the radio dial and there's something to please just about everyone. But there's no regular, local programming for Spanish speakers and that’s about to change.

Rich Lopez grew up listening to Latino radio in El Paso, Texas. Now he's in the process of bringing Latino programming to the airwaves here.

Lopez says, "There's approximately 30,000 Hispanics in the Wiregrass now and what I’ve always wanted to do was bring a communication base to the entire community."

July 1st Lopez makes his dream a reality with the launch of six hours of nightly broadcasts on WQLS 1210 AM in Ozark.

From 6 pm until midnight, the format will include everything from news to community information and a variety of Mexican and South American music. During the day the station will keep its black gospel orientation.

The new programming will be advertiser funded and Lopez says it will give businesses a way to reach a largely untapped local population with a combined disposable income base of around a quarter of a million dollars a month.

The 10,000-watt station reaches listeners from Troy to Marianna and from Blakely, GA to Evergreen in Geneva County.

Rich Lopez says well-known radio announcer Pepe Hernandez will be the programming director for the new Latino station.