Houston County Animal Cruelty

Angus cows were shot and killed on a local farm. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward in the Houston County animal cruelty case.

Doyle Holland of Holland Farms owns about 200 head of cattle on his land off Highway 231.

On May 5, 2007 Holland says he found a calf dead on his property.

The next day around 7AM he found an angus cow had been killed.

Doyle called his veterinarian who looked over the cow and determined it had been shot.

Holland says there was also another calf with gunshot wounds, which they couldn't find.

The Holland’s also found a 420 gauge cartridges on Watford Road. They also found 3 30/30 casings about five feet from the cartridges.

Officials say they are taking this case very seriously. They want to find the suspects responsible for destroying local property.

District Attorney Doug Valeska said, “This is animal cruelty and it carries time in the penitentiary. This is a farming community and we need to protect our farmers. What kind of coward would shoot defenseless animals?”

If you have information, please call 793-7000. You may be eligible for a $1000 dollar reward, plus, Holland is offering a $1000 dollar reward of his own.

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