Operation Wiregrass Roundup is a Success

More than a dozen fugitives who were hiding in the Wiregrass are no longer on the run.

They were arrested during a two-day round-up by members of the a specially-formed taskforce, whose purpose is to target outlaws.

The two-day operation code named "Operation Wiregrass Roundup" proved to be a major success for the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Taskforce.

The task force comprised of Dothan Police officers, deputies with the Houston and Henry County Sheriff's offices, and U.S. Marshals netted 21 fugitives, who never knew this week would mark the end of their run from the law.

Each morning they would meet up at 5AM and begin searching for men and women that have either committed some kind of crime or violated their parole.

Often times, taskforce members would come in contact with the relatives of some of these fugitives who would try to hide their loved ones and even lie to authorities about there whereabouts.

In the end though, the majority of the fugitives who were targeted, were in fact arrested, making this particular operation part of a much larger success story.

"The success of this taskforce has turned out to be one of the greatest successes and marshal stories in the history of the agency. We have been able to apprehend from the existence of this task force so far to this date, 27,000 fugitives who have been arrested across our region," said U.S. Marshal Jesse Soyer Jr. of Middle District of Alabama.

A large number of those arrests have been made across Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

Taskforce members credit the success of the operation to the hard work and resource sharing by each participating agency.

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