Hartford Rescue New Equipment Training

The AutoPulse is being called a modern marvel when it comes to emergency medicine. EMT's and paramedics with Hartford Rescue received training on the state-of-the-art lifesaver.

The AutoPulse performs CPR on someone experiencing cardiac arrest, or some other issue, which has caused the heart to stop beating.

Statistics show the AutoPulse provides a more effective survival rate than traditional CPR, which involves manually compressing the victim's chest.

"The AutoPulse has proven to be a 100 percent improvement, in overall survival rate of patients to the emergency room and an increase in survival discharge with the AutoPulse,” said Bill Cobb of Zoll Medical.

At this time, Hartford Rescue is applying for grant money to pay the $15,000 dollar price tag.

In the meantime, the department will have the AutoPulse on a loaner basis.

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