Houston County Mother Sues Son, Wins $25K Judgment

DOTHAN, Ala. (AP) - A Houston County woman, who claimed her son
owed her almost 70,000 dollars through loans she made and money used to support his business while he was in Iraq, won a nearly 25,000dollar judgment in a mixed jury verdict after he filed a counterclaim against her.

The jury awarded Joanne Smith 40,000 dollars on her claim but also awarded Mark Smith close to 15,000 on his counterclaim that she took money from his business.

The end result of the jury's action Tuesday was that Mark Smith must pay his mother 24,701 dollars.

Joanne Smith claimed her son asked her to oversee his towing business when his Naval Reserve unit was deployed to Iraq in early

She said she found the business had no money left and she used her own funds to keep it open.

Joanne Smith said her son paid some of the money back, but stopped making payments in late 2005 or early 2006.

His counterclaim said his mother took more money from his business than she put in and that her lawsuit stemmed from anger over a relationship he had with a female.

He has 42 days to appeal.

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