Gunshots Fired at Dothan Housing Project McRae

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Police say a fight that began either Tuesday night or Wednesday resulted in gunshots being fired at Dothan housing project McRae Homes.

“They was shooting, carrying on here in the projects. They had a shooting like a shoot em' up bang bang,” said one Witness.

Around 6 o'clock Wednesday evening, police say two men had a “shoot em up bang bang” and began firing at one another from one apartment to the other. As a result, two people were shot, a pregnant female in her leg, and another woman in the foot. They're blood paints the steps of this porch.

Another man suffered a laceration to his head.

Officers on scene say the incident could have stemmed from various disputes which had gone on between different residents.

"It could've began either yesterday or early this morning." said Lt. Keith Grey with the Dothan Police Department.

As people stand around and watch what will happen next, a young boy rides his big wheel. Just on the other side of his apartment, police tape blocks off certain areas while crime scene investigators place markers next to bullet rounds on the ground.

Residents say this scene is what has them bothered.

"I don't feel safe and the kids shouldn't feel safe. It's supposed to be a community of peace," said SanTonio McDonald.

But police say it'll be peaceful once they find the persons responsible.

A Crimestoppers reward is being offered to anyone with information about the case that will lead to the suspect’s arrest. That number is 793 7000.