Dothan Police Department Auctioning Property Online

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The Dothan Police Department is ready to make more space in its evidence vault and you could be the one to profit from it.

All of the goods that have been processed and have been in the vault for more than 90 days will be auctioned off.

That means more money for the city and some much needed space for the police department.

Some of the packages of evidence date back 15 to 20 years.

They're taking up space in the Dothan City Police Department's evidence vault, and now, the department is ready to turn the clutter into profit.

"Our ability to use to dispose of the property at a minimum cost to the city and we get money," said Lt. Ray Owens of Dothan Police Dept.

The city will be handing over evidence to an auctioning website and while that lessens the workload here locally of destroying the evidence, the project is still tedious.

Dothan Evidence Technician Becky Edwards said, "This has been a large undertaking because [there is] so much property from years back."

Police say there is a large variety of items that will be up for sale such as tools to jewelry and more.

It's Alabama state law that the department dispose of their backlog of evidence and because this service is free and the city of Dothan will profit, the department plans to make this process continue for years to come.

The evidence up for sale won't be shown on the website for another few months. still has to come and process everything, which includes cleaning each item and taking pictures to put on the website.

We'll keep you posted on when those items will become available.

The website to see those items up for auction is It sells goods from police departments around the nation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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